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September 03, 2007


Dana Tudor

Hi Dana
I would be glad to look over your work. Please give me your web page so I can check it out.
Thank you for your kind notes.

hi, my name is Dana and i'm from Romania.I study architecture in Romania,and this is my first year of university.It'a just that i don't like it to mutch...not architecture but the way that my teachers are...let's say that i was expecting more...Anyway,I saw some of your work and I find it verry interesting,i like verry mutch haw you fownd an agreement between the landscape and construction and the semnification of it all.I read everything you rote aboute the philosophies of Franck Lloyd Wright and I.It's verry important to understand all that and to aply it in what you do,I find it verry impotant to me,it helpt me a lot to understand what to do and haw to do it.I was was wondering if you would be so kind to look over some of my projects and hand schetches.It would meean a lot to me if you could.Please let me know


Hi Ebbie,
I sent you a zip with some photos of my work on your yahoo mail address, cause I don't have an web address yet, hope to get one...I am verry anctious in hearing from you.

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